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    About Munksøgård


    The eco-village is located on the edge of the city of Roskilde adjacent to farm fields. It is an integrated part of a newly developed neighbourhood named ”Trekroner”.
    The development has been designed to provide for diversity in housing sizes, ownership types and in support of different age groups.
    The development includes 100 row houses of different sizes and accommodates about 225 children, youths and adults in a socially lively community.
    The community is subdivided into five dwelling groups each of 20 row houses. Each dwelling group has their own common house for joint activities (common dinners, meetings, parties etc).
    The dwelling groups have different types of ownership. One dwelling group is privately owned as single family houses, and one is a co-operative association (the residents own the houses collectively as an association but at the same time the residents also own privately a share of the house they occupy). Three of the dwelling groups are owned by Roskilde Building Association and these houses are for rent. Who moves into the rented houses is under the control of the residents. One of the three dwelling groups is only for young people, one is only for seniors, and one is open for all age groups.


    Common activities in old farm buildings
    An old farm that belongs to the community is located in the heart of the settlement. The farm buildings support many common activities: cafe, vegetable shop, gift shop, office space for rent, sleepover room for rent, shelter for bicycles, bicycle repair workshop, storage space for rent, and keeping of animals.